What is Foster and Kinship Care?

Foster and kinship carers provide a safe and caring environment for children in care, aged from birth to 18 years who require out of home care.  This could be for a few days, weeks or several years depending on the circumstances.

Foster and kinship carers are everyday people from all walks of life, in all different family units and live all across the state.  They are highly valued for the role they have in our community.

Foster Carers

Foster carers provide an invaluable volunteer service in the support of children who have experienced a level of harm or be at risk of.  Some forms of harm are neglect, emotional, physical or sexual abuse or any combination of these traumas.

The level of needs and difficulties faced by children in out of home care can include challenging or destructive behaviours, behavioural disturbances, a disability including intellectual, physical or developmental.

Kinship Carers

Kinship carers are carers who have a significant relationship with a child or young person such as a relative, family member, close friend or a member of the child or young person’s community.  For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, a kinship carer may be a person who is a member of their family or their own community.

For more information about fostering call us on (07) 4779 3332 or enquire online at foster@altheaprojects.org.au.

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