Althea Projects Incorporated (Althea Projects) is a non‐government community run organisation located in Townsville. Althea Projects works with individuals and families to assist with whatever situation or crisis they are facing to ensure each individual, family, child or young person has the best chance of reaching their full potential.

This is expressly stated in the organisation’s Mission, which is, to support and strengthen families, children and young people so they experience social, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing and reach their full potential.

Althea Projects Organisational Values are:

  • Families as it is understood by the individual and their community
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, Places and Cultures
  • Human Dignity and Respect
  • The Principles of Justice and Equity
  • Diversity
  • Innovation and Excellence
  • PartnershipsHow to contact us?Althea Projects operates from two main service areas:

Shared Family Care

Foster and Kinship Care Service Level 1, 296 Ross River Road Aitkenvale, 4814
Phone: (07) 4779 3332 Facsimile: (07) 4779 3303
Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm

Townsville Drop‐in Centre

Homeless Support Service 46‐48 Morehead Street South Townsville, 4810
Phone: (07) 4772 2339
Opening Hours: 8:30 to 4pm. Tuesday closes at 2pm

Wee Care Residential

Family Support Service
9 First Street
Railway Estate, 4810
Phone: (07) 4772 4499 Facsimile: (07) 4721 6401
Opening Hours: 24 hours

Our Commitment to You

At Althea Projects you can expect:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • To be treated justly and fairly
  • To be supported and assisted through whatever situation or crisis you are facing to ensure you and/or your children have the best possible outcome
  • To be supported in a way that encourages hope for the future
  • To be supported in a way that builds on your individual strengths and assists you in finding your own solutions
  • To be protected from harm to your safety and wellbeing
  • Althea Projects staff to be honest, accountable, non‐judgemental and transparent in their work
  • To be supported by a skilled and competent staff group
  • For us to use your feedback or suggestions to inform how we can improve and make our services more appropriate for our clients.Client’s Rights & ResponsibilitiesAt Althea Projects it is your right that:
    • Any dealings you have with Althea Projects will be treated in a confidential manner
    • You are provided with a service that respects your dignity and independence, and is responsive supporting your physical, cultural and social needs
    • You have access to all information held about you by Althea Projects
    • You are protected from harm to your safety and wellbeing in yourdealings with Althea Projects
    • You are given the chance to have an active role in the support provided to you and that you have the opportunity to tell us about your needs and what you would like to achieve
    • For longer term support a Case Plan will be developed between you andyour support worker
    • A referral to a more appropriate service will always be offered if Althea Projects is unable to meet your needs
  • You are able to complain about the service that you have been given without fear of retribution
  • You have access to an interpreter should you need one. At Althea Projects it is your responsibility to:
    • Treat others fairly and with respect
    • Let staff know what your needs are
    • Take responsibility for your own actions and recognise that they can affect other people
    • Understand that if you are supported by one of our programs you are expected to abide by the conditions outlined in the relevant handbook or information package provided at intake
    •  Understand your responsibility in minimising the physical or emotional risk of harm to yourself or others
    • Actively work towards achieving the goals that you and your support worker have agreed upon and to tell us when things aren’t working for you
    • Let us know if you cannot keep to any appointments made.ComplaintsYou may make a complaint by any of the following methods:
      • Telling your support worker
      •  Putting the complaint in writing
      • Via email
      • Via an advocate or support person
      • Completion of a Feedback FormYou have the option to remain anonymous, but by doing so we are unable to notify you of the outcome of your complaint.All complaints are considered and dealt with appropriately, and you will receive acknowledgement of your complaint in writing within 14 days, wherever possible.An investigation will be conducted and depending on the cause and seriousness of your complaint various actions will be considered to resolve your complaint.You will be informed of this outcome in writing within 60 days from a manager.

If you are unhappy with the decision you may appeal by:

  • Discussing with the Althea Projects CEO or Management Committee members
  • Pursuing the complaint with the relevant funding Department
    If you are still not satisfied you can contact one of the following relevant external organisations:
  • Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)
  • Queensland Family & Child Commission
  • Office of the Public Guardian
  • Queensland Ombudsman
  • Crime and Corruption Commission
  • Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women
  • Department of Housing and Public Works
  • Department of Social Services
  • Department of Health
  • Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission,
  • Office of the Information Commissioner Queensland, or
  • Seek independent legal advice.

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