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Althea Projects Incorporated (Althea Projects) is a non-government Townsville based community organisation.

Althea Projects Mission is:

To support and strengthen individuals, families, children and young people so they experience social, emotional, physical and mental well-being and reach their full potential.

Althea Projects Values include:

  • Families, as it is understood by the individual and their community
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, Places and Cultures
  • Human Dignity and Respect
  • The Principles of Justice and Equity
  • Diversity
  • Innovation and Excellence
  • Partnership

About Our Programs

Althea Projects operates from 3 main service areas. These include;

Wee Care Residential Service

Wee Care is a family support service that provides emergency 24-hour accommodation, respite care and emergency day care for children from birth to 11 years old when parents/carers are unable to arrange alternative care in a crisis situation, or due to other circumstances. Weekly playgroups are also held to support families in a strength based, peer focused environment.

Althea Projects Foster and Kinship Program

Althea Projects Foster and Kinship Program (APFK) provides out of home care placements for children and young people in the Townsville, Charters Towers, Hughenden and Burdekin areas. The program recruits, trains, assesses and supports foster carers.

Althea’s Community Hub

Althea’s Community Hub supports people within the community who are experiencing or are at risk of experiencing homelessness, are living in poverty, in crisis, or might be experiencing social isolation. Services provided include homelessness assistance and case management, aged care home care services, centre-based activities and meals, state funded emergency relief, information and advice, laundry and shower facilities and visiting health services.

Our Commitment to You

At Althea Projects you can expect:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To be treated justly and fairly
  • To be supported and assisted through whatever situation or crisis you may be in towards the best possible outcome
  • To be supported in a way that encourages hope for the future
  • To be supported in a way that builds upon your individual strengths and assists you find your own solutions
  • To be protected from harm to your safety and wellbeing
  • For us to be honest, accountable, transparent and non-judgmental in our work with you
  • To be supported by a skilled and competent staff group
  • For us to use your feedback or suggestions to inform the continuous improvement of our programs and services.

Your Rights

Your rights whilst receiving services from Althea Projects includes;

  • Your information being handled in a way that complies with Information Privacy laws (refer to our public privacy statement at
  • To be provided with a service that respects your dignity and independence and is responsive to your physical, cultural and social needs
  • The right to request access to information held by us that has been given to us by you
  • To be safe in your dealings with us
  • Having an active role in the support provided to you in terms of being led by your needs and what you would like to achieve
  • To withdraw from our services at anytime
  • To enter into a case plan with us for longer term support
  • To be offered referral to a more appropriate services if we are unable to meet your needs
  • To be able to provide feedback or make a complaint without fear of retribution
  • To have access to and/or use an interpreter or advocate should you need to.

Your Responsibilities

While working with us it is your responsibility;

  • To treat others fairly and with respect
  • To tell staff what your needs are
  • To take responsibility for your own actions and recognise how they can affect others
  • To abide by any conditions outlined in the relevant client handbook or information packages provided to you by the program you are working with
  • To understand your own responsibility in the minimising of physical or emotional risk of harm to yourself and others
  • To actively work towards achieving any goals you and your support worker have agreed upon
  • To tell us when things are not working for you
  • To let us know if you can’t keep an appointment.

Feedback & Complaints

You may provide feedback (whether positive or negative or just a suggestion) and you can make a complaint through any of the following methods;

  • Directly to your support/community worker, or their line manager
  • Putting the complaint in writing via email
  • Via an advocate or support person
  • Through the completion of a feedback form

You can request a Feedback Form at any time or your can fill in the electronic form on our website at

You have the option to remain anonymous, but by doing so we will be unable to notify you of the outcome of your complaint.

All complaints will be considered and dealt with appropriately.

Acknowledgment of a complaint will occur within 14 days upon receipt of the complaint.

An investigation will be conducted and depending on the nature and seriousness of the complaint various actions will be considered to resolve.

You will be informed in writing of the outcome of the complaint within 60 days (45 days if it is a human rights complaint).

If you are unhappy with any decision about a complaint you have made, you may appeal it by;

  • Contacting Althea Projects CEO or a Management Committee member, or
  • Pursuing the complaint further with the relevant Program funding body

Other avenues for complaint or appeal could include:

  • Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)
  • Queensland Family & Child Commission
  • Office of the Public Guardian
  • Queensland Ombudsman
  • Crime and Corruption Commission
  • Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women
  • Department of Housing and Public Works
  • Department of Social Services
  • Department of Health
  • Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission
  • Office of the Information Commissioner
  • Queensland Human Rights Commission
  • Seeking independent legal advice.

Refer to Althea Projects Public Complaints Policy Statement for more detailed information on making a complaint. This is a public document and a copy can be requested at any time or can be located on Althea Projects website at:

Human rights based complaints

The Human Rights Act 2020 (Qld) requires Althea Projects to consider human rights when making decisions. It is unlawful for Althea Projects to act in a way that is incompatible with human rights or failing to give proper consideration to human rights. At times the rights of one person may need to be balanced against the rights of others or the broader community. However, where Althea Projects makes a decision to restrict a person’s rights that restriction can be no greater than is needed to achieve a goal.

Where a client of our services believes a decision made by Althea Projects is not compatible with their human rights they may make a human rights complaint. Where a human rights complaint is made this must first be made to Althea Projects. Althea Projects has 45 days in which to provide an outcome to this complaint. If the complaint is not dealt with or resolved to a client’s satisfaction within that 45 days then a complaint can be made to the Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC).

The QHRC can be contacted on1300 130 670 (Toll Free) or (07) 4421 4000. The following web address can also be accessed in which find out more information about the 23 human rights and to make an online complaint to the QHRC.

Refer to Althea Projects Complaints Policy Statement for more detailed information on making a complaint. This is a public document and a copy can be requested at any time or it can be located on Althea Projects website at:

How to contact us:

Corporate Office

Phone: (07) 4779 3332, or


Althea Projects, Foster and Kinship Program

Unit 1, 5 – 11 Fleming Street, Aitkenvale, Qld 4814

Phone: (07) 4779 3332

Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm

Althea’s Community Hub

46-48 Morehead Street South Townsville, 4810

Phone: (07) 4772 2339

Opening Hours: 8:30 to 4pm. Tuesday closes at 2pm

Wee Care Residential Family Support Service

9 First Street Railway Estate, 4810

Phone: (07) 4772 4499

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Althea Projects