Emergency Relief (ERF)

Emergency Relief is available to Individuals, Tuesday & Thursday, by calling 4772 2339 to make an appointments. Assistance can include Food vouchers, Food boxes and other support the individual may identify they require assistance with. Our ERF program continues to partnership with other organisations locally to get the best outcomes for individuals.

Our Emergency Relief (ERF) is available for eligible people to deal with their immediate financial crisis in a way that maintains their dignity and encourages self-reliance.

ERF is available to those who meet the eligibility criteria in the form of:

  • Vouchers (food or fuel)
  • Assistance with rental arrears, accommodation, utilities – phone, electricity
  • Material assistance – such as household goods, food parcels or clothing
  • Budgeting assistance
  • Information, advocacy and referrals

Please call the Centre for further information and to see if you are eligible 4772 2339

Funded by Department of Communities Housing and Digital Economy

For info on Emergency Relief for families click here

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For further information please contact 4772 2339

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