Be part of a local organisation that has been helping thousands of North Queensland families over the last 45 years. In August 2018 Althea Projects launched Althea’s Angels, the fundraising initiative to assist the organisations’s emergency/crisis accommodation service for children 0-11 years of age.

With almost 1000 admissions / year, Wee Care cares for around 500 children / year and we need your support to ensure that when families find themselves in crisis, Wee Care can provide a safe and caring environment for their children.

Wee Care can no long rely solely upon Government funding to deliver these imperative family support services. Without your support we can only deliver our services 5 days / week, with the additional 2 managed by on-call staff when needed. The goal based on community need is to have the emergency/crisis accommodation fully functional 7 days per week.

That is why we need you, Althea’s Angels, to keep our local families strong, connected and protected.

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